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quality & safety

Today’s fitness enthusiasts all have at least one thing in common – they want to know exactly what they’re taking, all the time. For pro athletes especially, knowing what you’re putting in your body is an absolute must. Saying you didn’t know a supplement contained a banned substance won’t cut it these days.

Our line of pure and natural formulas is thoroughly tested for identity, purity and strength. With advanced, in-house laboratories and the latest analytical instrumentation, NOW Sports guarantees the purity and safety of our products. If you’re concerned about adulteration with steroids, men’s virility drugs and their analogs, weight loss drugs and their analogs, and more, then NOW Sports is for you.

Whether you’re a competitive athlete whose career depends on knowing exactly what you’re putting in your body, or a casual exerciser who values purity and potency, NOW Sports is the go-to brand for natural born athletes at all levels of fitness.