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Smoothie Recipe Builder

The Secret to a Successful Smoothie

According to holistic health coach, Kelly LeVeque, smoothies are a great body-loving choice in the morning to keep you energized and satisfied. This liquid meal allows your body to continue to cleanse from the night before, while helping to balance blood sugar and shut down hunger hormones for hours.

Customize Your Smoothie Below

But not just any smoothie will do it. Kelly's signature smoothie formula includes a combination of four core components:

  1. Protein (approx. 20g)
  2. Fiber (10g min)
  3. Fat (1 tbsp.)
  4. Greens (handful if fresh, 1 serving if powdered)

*add in 1/4 cup of fruit, liquid, and a hit of superfoods to round out a well balanced beverage.

Build Your Own

Choose one option from each category, click the FINISH button and you’ll get a smoothie recipe that will keep you satisfied for hours. You’ll even have the opportunity to share, print or email yourself your creation.