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Read about the basics of aromatherapy, learn more about the history of NOW, and treat your little ones to a healthy take on classic nursery rhymes with these interesting and informative books from NOW.

Aromatherapy for Everyone - second edition

Aromatherapy for Everyone

Discover the Scents of Health and Happiness With Essential Oils
Aromatherapy has grown in popularity in recent years, yet it's difficult for the beginner to find a good reference to introduce them to this proven alternative therapy. That is why we're offering Aromatherapy for Everyone, a thorough, yet easy-to-understand book that introduces the wonderful world of aromatherapy and essential oils. You'll get a complete overview of 45 different oils and their various uses, as well as an index for quick reference. An invaluable tool for any beginner!

Beating the Odds — The History of NOW Foods

Beating the Odds — The History of NOW Foods

The Success Story of NOW® and the Family History Behind It
Enjoy the inside story of America's most successful private nutrition company since 1985. Humorous insights into the industry's history make this ongoing story worthwhile reading to health enthusiasts and vitamin skeptics alike. The family behind NOW® Foods has worked enthusiastically since 1948 to lead the charge toward better health and better health products. PDF BOOK AVAILABLE FREE!
Download 3rd Edition in pdf form (1.5 MB)