Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

As a natural products manufacturer NOW is keenly aware of our potential impact on the environment, and we’re committed to responsible stewardship of our planet through the reduction of our carbon footprint and other sustainability initiatives.

Local Sustainability Efforts

NOW is proud to host and participate in environmental initiatives throughout our local community.

Local forest preserve clean-up days

Since 1998 NOW has hosted an annual employee forest preserve cleanup day to de-litter and maintain the East Branch Forest Preserve (DuPage County) adjacent to our Glen Ellyn Road plant. NOW employees not only clean and de-litter, they also plant native seeds, set up fish nurseries, and clear invasive plants.

Partnership with The Conservation Foundation

NOW partners with The Conservation Foundation to help promote healthy gardens and water conservation through awareness and various programs such as special sales on items such as rain barrels, composters, rain water diverters, flower boxes, plant hangers, and more.

The Conservation Foundation is a non-profit and four-star charity organization dedicated to protecting open space and natural land, protecting rivers and watersheds, and promoting stewardship of our environment in the greater Chicagoland area. For more information please visit their website - http://www.theconservationfoundation.org/

Local need-based assistance

When disaster strikes close to home NOW stands ready to help our friends and neighbors with charitable contributions and employee involvement. An example of our charitable outreach is the assistance NOW employees provided to several communities devastated by powerful tornadoes in 2013, including the town of Washington, Illinois. NOW employees donated food, clothing, and their time assisting with relief efforts.

As a successful business member of our local community we firmly believe it’s our responsibility to help those in need whenever we can, but especially when the need is greatest.

Awards and Recognition

At NOW we understand the importance of doing whatever is in our power to not only preserve our environment, but to improve it as well. This begins with education, vision and the collective efforts of individuals willing to make that commitment.

Over the years NOW has maintained our commitment to beautifying our planet and protecting our remaining natural resources. From progressive recycling programs to community-based activities, we’ll continue to do our part to promote a higher level of social responsibility.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

At NOW we work with various organizations to assess our impact on the environment, one of which is Pratt Industries, our supplier of cardboard boxes. Each year Pratt sends us a report estimating how much we’ve reduced our carbon footprint through the use of recycled cardboard.

2015 Environmental Impact Estimator

In 2015 NOW purchased 565 recycled tons of cardboard, which equated to the following impact reduction:

17 Trees 9,607
3,100 KWH of Power 1,751,810
2.1 Cubic Yards of Landfill 1,187
4,500 Gallons of Water 2,542,950
1 Tons of CO2 565.10

* Savings numbers are based on industry averages for manufacturing processes and recycled content for traditional paper mills and are not mill-to-mill specific.

Source: Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, World Wildlife Duke University study, 1995, Net GHG CO2 Equiv, Virgin + Incineration