Several scientists in a lab wearing lab coats and goggles work with scientific equipment.


quality & safety

At NOW® Essential Oils we’re big fans of botanical extracts and their unique benefits for health and well-being, but these highly concentrated essences require robust testing and analysis to ensure their safety and identity.

Our suite of in-house laboratories is equipped with the latest analytical instruments, which help our skilled technicians accurately assess each essential oil’s identity, purity and safety. Identification of essential oils is key, as inferior raw materials and adulterated oils are unfortunately all too common in today’s marketplace.

As a leader in the essential oils category, NOW has built a reputation for offering pure essential oils of the highest quality at prices that other competitors can’t match. Our long-term relationships with our suppliers, our in-house laboratories, and our high volume ensure that every NOW® Essential Oil you purchase is fresh, fragrant, and safe for its intended use.